AWAG Week 1 – Triangle Bounce

So here it is, my first game! I put it together in between work and family over the course of about 8 or 9 days. I wanted to make something using the physics engine in Gamemaker Studio 2 as I didn’t have much experience with it. It’s been a really fun project and I look forward to experimenting with the physics system much more. The concept for this game just kind of popped into my head when I was thinking about things that could be fun to do with the physics system. Make sure to turn the volume up, there are sound effects. Right now as far as I can tell this is unplayable on mobile because it uses the arrow keys so you’ll have to play from a computer. Any feedback is appreciated!

How to win?

Turn all the circles green without going out of bounds!


Left and right arrow keys to rotate the triangle.
Enter key to restart.


The dot placement and the holes are both random and nowhere near perfect. It’s possible to get stuck between one of the dots and the wall of the triangle in some cases, depending on where they are generated.

Programs used to create this game

Gamemaker Studio 2 – game engine
SFXR – sound effects